NACDL Conference: Panel Discussion On Public Corruption Cases Led By John Edwards’ Counsel, Abbe David Lowell

Posted On Thursday, November 15, 2012

The National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys’ conference “Defending the White Collar Case: In & Out of Court” is moving forward at Fordham Law School in New York, New York.  The latest program, “Political Indictments: Criminalizing Violations of the Public Trust,” was moderated by Abbe David Lowell and featured Lisa A. Mathewson, Amit P. Mehta, and Barry J. Pollack as panelists in a lively discussion of the defense of bribery and gratuity allegations.  The discussion included the various federal bribery statutes, role and timing of joint defense agreements and use of 18 U.S.C. §666 as a vehicle for honest services fraud prosecutions.  The highlight of the program was the factors weighed by Abbe David Lowell in deciding whether a client would testify at trial.