DRI’s Inaugural Government Enforcement And Corporate Compliance Seminar In The Nation’s Capital Kicks Off

Posted On Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pietragallo’s James W. Kraus, chair of DRI’s Government Enforcement and Corporate Compliance Committee, John A. Schwab and Joseph D. Mancano are presenters at the Inaugural Government Enforcement and Corporate Compliance Seminar in Washington, D.C. which kicks off today.

Sweeping changes over the past decade have caused corporations, business executives, and in-house counsel to change the way they view their relationship with government agencies. For those who represent clients in today’s business environment, this seminar offers timely and hard-hitting presentations by experts, addressing the ever-increasing risk of civil, regulatory, and criminal liability for corporations and those who run them. Presentations and panel discussions will cover a broad spectrum of substantive areas and offer perspectives from in-house and outside counsel, government prosecutors, and officials.

Joseph D. Mancano will moderate the panel entitled, “The Intersection of Corporate Governance and Criminal Law.”

John A. Schwab will be a panelist on the panel entitled, “Data Wars: Securing Your Cyber-Footprint and Staying Ahead of the Curve.”