Collateral Consequences Of Healthcare Prosecutions – Pietragallo’s Christopher Iacono Publishes Article Highlighting Important Considerations For Defense Counsel

Posted On Tuesday, February 12, 2013
By: Christopher A. Iacono

Healthcare prosecutions are on the rise in every jurisdiction across the United States.  For defense counsel, these cases present numerous  unique challenges, many of which reach beyond the criminal prosecution itself. 

In an article recently published in New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, entitled “Collateral Consequences of Healthcare Prosecutions,” Christopher Iacono provides an overview of several of the collateral issues that criminal counsel should consider when advising a healthcare provider client.  Some of the collateral consequences discussed in the article are:  1) the exclusion of the healthcare provider from Medicare and Medicaid based upon a criminal conviction; 2) the emergent suspension of the practitioner’s professional license by the state licensing board; 3)financial institutions calling a default on loans if they learn of the criminal case against the healthcare provider; 4) reporting to and discipline by the state licensing board; 5) the termination of provider agreements by the private insurers; and) reporting to the National Practitioner Databank. 

The article stresses that defense counsel must be prepared to address these and other collateral consequences that could have a substantial impact on the provider’s ability to practice as a healthcare professional well beyond the criminal charges.   For the full article, please see

This article was originally published in the February 2013 issue of New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, a publication of the New Jersey State Bar Association, and is reprinted here with permission.